Black Tibet


Black Tibet is the experimental electronic brainchild of Theodore Sayers. Hailing from Cambridge, England, Sayers is influenced by the sights and sounds of the world around him. Together with a genuine fascination for electronic music and an exposure to the diverse nature of the humans and culture around him, Sayers strives toward a sort of electronic and world music hybrid genre in the music he composes. When Sayers searches for inspiration, he makes sure to take a look outside his window, outwards toward the rest of the world, for creativity. He loves to experiment with and capture the sounds of other cultures by incorporating instruments mostly left untouched by popular Western music. The refreshing sounds produced by these instruments are then perfectly blended into Sayers’s own unique take on UK electronic music. The magnificent “Venezuela” greatly exemplifies the sound described. The song is littered with moments of breath-taking swashes of sound, lively steel drums, an ear-perking string arrangement, and chopped yet captivating vocals all driven by an irresistible groove. Black Tibet shows a consciousness of the world outside and makes a concerted effort to bring those sounds into a popular medium.