When Adam Witkowski (Demetree) was in 5th grade, he would come home from school and play his video games like normal boys. In the video game, he would create music to play in the background. Adam decided he would start to experiment with his creations and come up with his own background music for the game. He started creating and mixing his own music at 15 years old and now he is currently 21 and still pursuing his music-producing career. Adam is a senior at Ramapo College studying Music Production. He has a job at Water Music Publishing where he does vocal and harmony work. Adam has tracks ready to be made public but is going to use his job as a way to get noticed and published the right way. After college Adam plans on creating and producing tracks for others artist to use. He has a lot of classical training and can read and write music at a high level. When Adam isn’t creating his music he focuses’ on school and is involved with the acapella group Forgotten Suitcase and the Charcoal group at Ramapo College. He also enjoys athletics playing sports, but mostly does his music work for 20 hours per week.

Demetree’s genre of music is house music, which is the genre of EDM, Electronic Dance Music. When asked the question as to why house music, Adam’s response was, “I hung out with my friends after school and a friend of mine showed me this insane music video on YouTube, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites by SKRILLEX. I got so interested from there that I decided to create my own versions of house music.” While creating his music he’ll add his own rhythm and style into the track to make it more of his own. He beatboxes into a microphone and adds that to the track, messing with the quality until it sounds great. He’ll do the same for when playing the drums and sings. A special talent of Adam’s that most nonmusical people cannot do is create music in their head while beat boxing and then subsequently puts it into music on the computer.

Demetree’s music is only available SoundCloud and his most famous song is his remix version of Kisses Back by Matthew Koma, with over 25.6K listens. His target audience is teenagers to early adults in their 30 years. His audience overlaps with some other artist on this label who also produces and creates house music. Adam is trying to expand his social media platform, and he would approach young teenagers and adults to listen and follow his media on what music he’ll release next. While producing his music he realized how easy it is to make House music, especially only needing one person to do it.

Where did Adam come up with his DJ name Demetree, and how did it come about? While Adam was playing his video games, he was creating songs and noticed a club in the video game called Dimitri. He thought it was an awesome name but didn’t want to take or use the same spelling so he changed it up a bit. He switched out the ‘I’s’ for some ‘E’s’, which made his name DJ name his own. Adam is just getting started with his music-producing career; he’s on the right track to achieve great success in the future. He might even be the next best EDM DJ in the United States.