With a whimsical yet soulful delivery and colorful spirit, Ehiorobo has fused R&B with what he calls “art rap” on top of electronic production. Ehiorobo graduated in 2017 with concentrations in Music Industry and Production. Through combining his soulful, multi-faceted songwriting style with bouncy jazz-tinged electronic production, Ehiorobo’s live show is an undeniably danceable, yet intimate roller coaster ride that’s transitioned into a dynamically high-octane full band experience equipped with experimental textures and roots in jazz/soul. Having released his debut-album, ‘limeade’, through the internet label DESKPOP at the top of 2016, his stylings have already garnered nods from taste-curators like Vice Magazine’s THUMP, The Needle Drop, Vice’s Noisey Spain, Nest HQ, Impose Magazine, and a feature on Indie Shuffle’s ‘Best Indie/Experimental Pop of 2016’ list. The east coast based off-kilter r&b vocalist is gearing up to release his highly anticipated sophomore LP in early 2018.

For many, Ehiorobo’s culmination of sounds and textures can be described as true originality. This has been evident in the young performer’s brief yet promising career. Ehiorobo Carlos Igiehon was born to immigrant parents – his father Nigerian and his mother from the Dominican Republic – in March of 1995. His older brother introduced him to the world of music production at age 11, and it wasn’t before long that he found himself stumbling onto the works that would eventually influence him, such as Jamie Lidell, Pharrell Williams, and Jesse Boykins III. Shortly thereafter, Igiehon found himself entranced by the creation of melody and composition, and began crafting his own sound. He released music online and generated a small following that he realized he should explore the option of becoming a full-time artist. Ehiorobo’s music possesses distinct and colorful undertones – in his case bright pastels. Ehi is usually found in the same colors that you would see on his album artwork. Brand identity is a big deal and function to Ehiorobo – especially in terms of his personal fashion.  Ehiorobo is someone that you are likely to remember. He is distinguished, unapologetic, and unafraid to showcase his personality.