Mister Maze x OD


This electronic ambient duo from Ramapo College will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about what music was, is, and will be. Grant “OD” and Will “Mister Maze” fuse their styles and musical knowledge to create music that pushes the boundaries of “established musical forms and ideas” by utilizing the technology at their disposal like the software used to clean up old recordings and other audio editing programs to create repetition and noise. Their music is the best possible combination of sampling, beats, and “noise”.

The duo met at one of Ramapo’s open mic nights and connected further over winter break, originally to work on one of Will’s projects, but after working together they found they had a common goal on pushing the boundaries of modern music stating that the industry is “is too democratized and is throwing itself into overdrive trying to produce standardized music” their goal is to create music that doesn’t sound like anything else, but that can appeal to everyone, by using the same tools as everyone else in innovative and creative ways. Grant is a classically trained musician who has been playing the drums since he was 9. His father went to Julliard and then Princeton for graduate school, but ultimately left because his music was “too experimental”. This has rubbed off on Grant as he likes to work with the same software that is used to clean up old recordings and use it on modern recordings to create noise. His process for making music has evolved over time but is dominated by his want to experiment and push boundaries in the same way his father did. Will is a rapper who started playing piano at age 11 and sung in the choirs since elementary school. He is very skilled at sampling and creating from a sample, loop or beat. Will does this by utilizing sounds that are odd in beats and rhythms to create something that is original, different, and has wide reaching appeal. Together these two combine their skill sets to create sounds that are unique and distinctive.