Nick Perez aka Armada is an up and coming musician who blends the old school world of rock and metal with catchy pop hooks and melodies, creating music that incorporates the best of both worlds. Growing up, his parents would play their favorite music in the car. Through his Dad’s taste, he was exposed to bands such as Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and the Scorpions, while his Mom exposed him to pop artists like Peter Gabriel, The Police, and Neil Diamond as well as Top 40 radio, leaving a subliminal impact on his taste of music. When he reached the age of ten, he started playing guitar, learning the entirety of Green Day’s “American Idiot” album as his introduction to what would soon become the most important aspect of his life. After the Green Day phase, Nick recessed back to his love for old school metal, but found a specific love for the big glam metal bands of the 80s like Motley Crue, Van Halen, and Skid Row. This got him to start his first band in high school, Roxx Armada, who would play music in the styling of these classic glam metal bands. Nick also released his first ever EP with this band. After high school, Roxx Armada went on for a little bit longer, but eventually died down. However, Arch-Vile was now the focus. Exposed to a whole new world of Death Metal, playing in Arch Vile pushed Nick to his limits as a guitarist and musician, releasing 2 EPs with the band before they split up.

Nick continues to play music with a Pop Punk/Rock band called Skyline Drive who plan on releasing their debut album in Spring 2017. Additionally, Nick has a brand new project with an EP ready to go and once the timing is right, Nick’s all out Rock assault will take over.