NJ Gordon

Reigniting the power of love, individuality and freedom for a new generation, NJ Gordon is a creative force, using music to convey his distinctive style. Gordon, a 19-year old Teaneck, NJ native, began his creative endeavors at the early age of 6, first playing the piano and drums in the church, directing the choir at the age of 12, and quickly developing into an unusually gifted multi-instrumentalist and singer. He has always been musically involved in school, playing the drums and saxophone in his middle school jazz band where he received the Band Award upon graduation from the 8th grade. It was not until his freshman year at Teaneck high school that he decided to venture into songwriting and producing. He had a story that he wanted the world to hear, and had to express it in a way unique to him. In addition to joining the concert, jazz, and marching band, his desire for more creative opportunity led to his acceptance in the Drexel University Music Industry summer intensive program as a rising high school senior. However, that was not enough. On his quest for more creative opportunity, in 2013 he ventured into acting, acquiring a lead role in his first ever musical, Rent. That same year, NJ received the prestigious Palisades Virtuosi award for piano after being nominated along with other high school seniors in Bergen County.

His multifaceted gifts, which have a unique universal appeal, have taken him on multiple assignments in both religious and secular platforms throughout the east coast and internationally to Jamaica, singing, playing, acting, and ultimately liberating listeners through his music. He is currently a junior at Ramapo College majoring in music production, business, and performance, continuing to impact his community through his creativity.

His life experiences have allowed him to realize the importance of being free through embracing your difference. He said in an interview with Diversity Magazine, “It is through both the embracing of and respect for our differences that we develop a vibrant, collaborative, creative and thriving society that empowers all those within.” For many years, NJ strived to be something that conformed to how society desired him to be. He felt trapped by the various societal pressures propagated by the media and other forces around us. However, one day he took the responsibility of defining who is from other people’s hands and simply put it in his. It began with his mind. It was at the moment he began his journey to mental liberation, one he still embarks on to this day through his vehicle: Music. With his hit single “Free Your Mind,’ which has taken his college campus by storm, NJ Gordon desires for his liberators-in-disguise to be free. “I’m on a mission, and I need your help. Join me on this journey. Become your inner liberator.” Are you a liberator-in-disguise? Are you ready to be free?