Noelle Katherine


Noelle Katherine is an emerging artist from Northern New Jersey. Growing up in the suburbs of New York City, Noelle was exposed to various genres of music and has had many musical opportunities. She had a very musical family growing up. Her mother was a concert jazz pianist and her uncle was a professional guitar player. In a house filled with classical and rock music, she has fused many influences and styles integrated into her songwriting and performing. She began writing music very young at the age of eight years old and has always used it as an outlet. Her life experiences and relationships, both negative and positive, have shaped her as an artist. She began performing at open mics at the age of fourteen and soon became involved in local benefit concerts and performances to raise money for her community’s needs and for people she loved that were in need. She began performing with musicians of all ages in her community which is thriving with talent.

Noelle gave private piano, guitar and vocal lessons for years and began teaching at music schools while performing in Manhattan, Brooklyn and various venues in New Jersey. She performs and records her songs with local talent behind her, allowing her focus to be on singing, songwriting, and morphing her music into her vision. Noelle believes in sharing and teaching music with everyone and sees the way it benefits people in many ways. The impact music has had on her life made her realize that it is a special outlet that brings people together and connects people from all walks of life, and of all ages that may have otherwise not connected. This sentiment comes through in her songwriting, which is based on her own life, and she tells a story with every song in hopes that someone will relate to or connect with her music, and that it may resonate with other people, allowing them to emotionally connect.

Initially Noelle created live recordings from performances throughout the New York Metropolitan Area. She has met incredible musicians through teaching and has recorded with them at her friend Steve Kellner’s studio in New Jersey, creating the sound she always envisioned.